December 20, 2018

It had happened a few times before, however it has become official now, I am the “Baby Whisperer”, according to my little clients’ mums.

I am not gonna say that I wonder why...

We have a fully conditioned studio to receive the newborns from Tauranga and all around the area, some even coming from Auckland as well. For that we keep the temperature between 26 and 28 degrees and the right humidity level during a session, assuring that babies won’t be cold, won’t get dehidrated and will be instead cozy and sooth.

I also give the mammas some feeding tips to get their bubs more satiated and satisfied before the session.

Also and if it is possible, a warm bath could be a good tip to follow, as the baby will arrived in our studio more relaxed.

During the time I spend with them, I get to know each baby better as the sessions unfolds. Some babies don’t like to be naked, some don’t mind and also don’t react too sensitive to the touch, some love to be wrapped instead, some are too handy and spread all o...

November 19, 2018

And this is the story of Oliver. 

From even before he was born, we have been following his growth until a few weeks ago that we celebrated his first year at our Studio.

You will see in the following images:

Oliver in mom's belly, Oliver with few hours old after being born at the Bethlehem Birthing Center, Oliver with few days old, Oliver with 4 months old, Oliver with 7 months old, Oliver with 10 months old and finally Oliver turning 1 year old. 

A mother will always find enough reasons to celebrate the healthy and accelerated growth of her child. Likewise, a mother will always want to remember moments that may seem ordinary in the eyes of others, but for her are unforgettable. 

A mother knows that time flies, but that there are still moments that are worth eternalizing forever.

September 10, 2018

So after a whole week of voting, we know now who is the winner of our Naked Baby Competition that took place in our Studio exactly two weeks ago. 

All our participants were amazing. From newborns to almost a year old babies, we had in our Studio more than 20 mammas with their little ones ready to strike a pose and smile. 

We filled our hearts with so much Love during those four days that is hard to express enough gratitude. 

For those mammas who we met before, either at the Betlhehem Birthing Center or at our Studio, it has been great to catch up with you again and see how healthy your baby is growing. Time does not wait and we know how important is for you to portray the changes of the youngest of your family through beautiful professional images that definitely tell more than words. 

As well for the other mammas, we must say it has been awesome to meet you and thanks for trusting us your little baby. 

With that been said, and as you all already know, the WINNER is a very special little gi...

August 4, 2018

Every time we book a Newborn Session, our studio lights up. We cannot deny that Newborn is one of the sessions that we enjoy doing the most. Also requires full dedication and responsability… details like the right room temperature and air humidity, the soothing and calming music and sounds, drinks, snacks and toys to keep the older siblings and probably parents busy and distracted while we are doing our job with the baby, and of course safety above and beyond all, are carefully taken care of. 

This is a glimpse to the behind the scenes of this special session with beautiful baby girl Alia and her family that came all the way from Matamata specially to have this memories captured by us. 

We also got to meet Thalia, baby’s bigger sister who was stunning in front of the camera wearing that gorgeous white dress and knew exactly how to captivate us with that sweet smile. 

We hope you enjoy these behind the scenes and final photos of her session. They will giv...

July 3, 2018

Not too long ago, we decided to give away 2 FREE Birth Experience Sessions through a Facebook live. The first 2 mammas getting in touch with us were going to win a full photo coverage during their births. We got sooo many replies that we have decided to give away an extra session, and Pagan was our super excited additional winner!

We had still a while until her due date as she was on her 36th week of pregnancy. We met her and Everly, her beautiful first daughter, when they came to the Studio to know us and to talk about the session. It was a real pleasure for us!

Afterwards, we could do nothing else but wait for the sweet moment…

Her due date arrived with no signs of her baby girl wanting to come out… so we waited longer…

We got the expected call 2 weeks after! Woohoo.. first signs of labour! We prepared our camera gear, selecting the right lenses and making sure our batteries were fully charged, to then wait for the second and definitive call after the midwife’s confirmation of activ...

June 28, 2018

Here it is... Some images of cute little Baby Nyah's gallery ready to share with you. She came into the studio with her adorable mummy and her awesome grandparents... You could just feel the bond among them and that came out as a true reflection on their images... Newborn Photography is a one of a kind photo session that involves a lot of prep, studies, practice, experience, safety, love and care... and when we deliver these images to our families we are sure they will be in their hearts forever and kept for the generations to come. Special is only one single word to describe it... but I could go on and on addressing a lot more praise to this type of session... I can only say that you could never go wrong with having such beautiful memories of you newborn baby! 

November 15, 2017

Yeeeees... Today I couldn't be happier to share this post!!! It is a day to celebrate!!! We have hit the mark of 100 Babies photographed at the Bethlehem Birthing Centre since we have commenced our Fresh 48h Session Project in June 2017. How cool is that??? I confess I never really counted how many babies I have already photographed since I started my career as a Specialised Newborn Photographer (which I totally should...naughty me) but today I just, for some reason, opened my files and started counting... and for my surprise on this sunny Wednesday we have met baby number 100!!! You should see my face when I finished counting (lol).

So many cute little creatures that arrived safely in this world to make their families a lot happier... Each one of them with their beauty and unique characteristics. Some born naturally, some with the awesome help of beautiful doctors, some even too quick at home or in the car on the way to the centre (yes TRUE STORY) but they have one thing in c...

November 1, 2017

Everyone knows the presence os a father in a girl's life is super important, but how would that affect her life??? That is something we sometimes don't even think about but certainly something that "new dads" should know!!! So SPREAD THE WORD to all the new awesome dads on the block!!!

"5 Reasons Father-Daughter Relationships Are Important:

1. Dad's influence their daughter's self-image.

First and foremost, dads should always tell their daughters how beautiful they are and help their daughter develop a good self-image, while also reminding them that inner-beauty is more important than outward beauty. However, it's also important that dads are careful about what they say about other women in front of their daughters. If a daughter overhears her dad talking about how a movie star needs to lose weight or isn't pretty enough, for example, she may internalize those comments and wonder if she too is overweight or not pretty enough. 

2. When dads encourage their daughters to d...

October 19, 2017

Since July 2017 We have been working in partnership with The Bethlehem Birthing Centre on an amazing journey offering to every family staying the opportunity to have lifetime memories of they just born babies to treasure.

The  called FRESH 48 HOUR SESSION is a special session for those new families who want the first hours of their newborn’s life captured without having the entire labour or birth documented. Held within the first 24-48 hours of baby’s life, these lifestyle sessions are perfect for remembering that moment forever.

Bethlehem Birthing Centre is the FIRST in Tauranga to offer professional and specialised photography services to their clients and we are so happy to be part of it!

We visit the Centre every Monday / Wednesday / Friday and we are able to visit the rooms of all the mammas that would like to use our services.

The Sessions are free of charge and you have the choice to purchase some images if you are in love with them.

We have photographed over 80 f...

October 10, 2017

On Baby Loss Awareness Week we also have to remember that a lot of the families who have suffered with pregnancy or infant loss did not give up on trying for a second chance of having a beautiful heathy baby in their arms to love forever. 

Many families go through rough periods of trying, hoping failing, back on track again and for some, the turn around is just magic… The big news of having a RAINBOW BABY on the way just blows away happiness mixed with anxiety and uncertainty… The fear of failing or loosing again is on the back of their minds the whole time but with hopes up, these blessed families keep on going with a huge smile on their faces.

I have been wanting to launch a Blog on our Website for a few months now and due to the crazy busy time shooting and editing I have been delaying the first blog post that I already had planned for ages… I just think now is the right moment to finally launch our blog with such a special story of a family that has inspired many others. This is the...

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