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Here are some general and specific FAQ's for each session that might help you understand how we roll!



Our prices start at $550. Most clients invest $1200+

Do you offer props to use in the sessions?

All our props, including blankets, beanies, bonnets, wraps, throws and headbands are sourced from the finest local and international suppliers and are available for your photo session. Although, if you have sentimental items such as knitted blankets, special clothing or hats that you would like to include in your images, please bring them along and we will make every effort to incorporate them into your session. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do. We offer payment facilities through Afterpay and Laybuy.


How would I receive the images?

In every case, you will receive the high resolution digital images sent to your email via WETRANSFER. Of course you will have the permission to print and share those images for your own personal use.

You will also get the 6'x4' colour prints.

An  a la carte product menu is available if you like to bring more images into the tangible world with high class frames and photo albums.(OPTIONAL)

When do I receive my images?

Due to the high demand at the moment, we will your prints ready within 3 weeks after the session. Once collected, your high resolution files will be sent to you via Wetransfer. We want to make sure to treat those unique and beautiful photos with the proper care and dedication since they are forever. But we are working really hard to speed up the process without having an impact in the quality to minimise that time frame as we know you would be so excited to receive your photos as soon as possible.

What should I wear for my photo session?

You can wear whatever you'd like, but we suggest avoiding big logos on your tops and try to coordinate colours. Plain colours are always winners, but if you'd like to wear a pretty pattern, make sure that the other members of your family blend in with the colours of your pattern. We also have a Client wardrobe available with beautiful gowns for mums and a few baby/kids outfits too.
And mamas, do not be afraid of using some make-up to look even more gorgeous. 

How do I book you to be our Photographer?

Yesss! You won’t regret it and we will be honoured to be there for you and your baby in every step of the journey. Drop us a line here (contact), by email, Facebook or Instagram and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


When is the best time to do a pregnancy session?

The best time to have your pregnancy session done is around 30-32 weeks, when the tummy is nice and round. This will vary with each woman. Just don't leave it to the last minute as sometimes baby can come early and you could miss out the photos. It is best to schedule your session when you enter the second trimester of pregnancy to ensure we have a date available for you or at least 3 weeks in advance so we can try our best to fit you in.

Does it have to be Outdoors? 

Not necessarily. You can either decide for any location of your choice (within the Tauranga/ Mount area) or to be artistically photographed in our Studio.

Travel costs may apply for shoots at further distances.

Do you include the make-up?

We always refer our clients to an amazing professional who will look after makeup and hair pretty well. Contact us for details.

How long would the session take? 

Depends on the package you select. If you decide to book the full session, that will take about 2 hours. The mini session instead will take about half an hour. ​


When should I book a newborn session?

The second trimestrer is the ideal time to book your newborn session. The sooner the better to ensure we do have a date available for you. We will make a tentative booking for around one week after your due date. If baby come a bit early, he might still be within the 2 week mark and we can keep the same date and if baby comes later we can reschedule it to suit better... We usually try to photograph babies from 5-15 days... so we will have to be in touch around that time to make sure we get the best date...  

In case you have your baby already, please give us a call, we will try our best to fit you in. 

When is the ideal time to photograph my newborn?

The ideal time to photograph a newborn baby is when they are from 5 to 14 days. They sleep deeper, curl into womb poses, not too sensitive to the touch and don't mind being naked so much. After 2 weeks, babies are a little harder to settle, much more aware to the touch and things like colics and baby acne can start to flare up. But of course, that does not mean that after that period your baby can't be photographed... We do take older newborns and the results are still just amazing as expected. 

Do you take older Newborns?

Yes, definitely... We never say no to any parent who wants their baby captured by our lenses. In case you have had your baby already and for any reason couldn't book in, you can always get in touch to book a session and we will try our best to fit you into our calendar. Although we highly recommend the NATURAL NEWBORN SESSION for older babies, depending on the age of the baby, session will just flow a little differently, but we can still customise a session using our props following the same style and get amazing images you will treasure forever. 

Are family photos included in the session?

Yes, for sure. A Newborn session is not complete without parents and siblings. When toddlers are involved, we usually start the session with family photos as they can get bored very quick. After those photos are done, they can play outside in our trampolin and little playground. 

Does the session have to be at the Studio?

​Actually yes, it does. Our Studio is well prepared and fully equipped to receive you and your baby. To keep them comfortable with no clothing, we guarantee the right warm temperature and humidity (to prevent dehydration) at all times. We also have changing facilities, snacks, fresh water. As you see, we are ready to have you to spend some time without rushing here with us. 

How long will the session take?

It will depend on the baby, but usually newborn sessions can take from 2 to 3 hours. We are happy to allow enough time for feeding and comforting to your little one. 

​Is there going to be any special preparation for my baby that day?

Yes indeed. We will give you some tips to follow up with your baby that day just to ensure he will feel and sleep comfortably at our Studio, so we can have a smooth session. 




When should I book an Natural Newborn session?

Whenever you feel like it. There is no age limit for this session, as we surely can photograph older and more active babies.


Are family photos included in this session?

Of course they are! This is the session where we focus on capturing the love and bond within your family.

Where are these sessions done?

They can either be done in our studio or the comfort of your home.


Does my house have to be tidy up?

Not necessarily the whole house. We will most likely use the main bedroom, living room or baby's nursery, or any other place with a nice window.


How long will the session take?

This session takes an hour or so. We are happy to allow enough time for feeding and comforting to your little one.


When should I book a Fresh 48h session?

This session is to capture the first hours of your newborn's life, that is why is held within the first 24-48 hours after the birth. So you can let us know you want this session either before having your baby or right after, but always within that term. 

Where does this session take place?

It usually takes place at the birth unit, the Bethlehem Birthing Centre, or Post Natal at the Tauranga Hospital upon request. 

We can arrange to go to your own home, if that is were you had your baby.

If I'm at the Bethlehem Birthing Centre, how should I get hold of you?

We visit the centre every MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY upon request. Please txt us on 021957796 with your name and phone number and we will get back to you with available times.

When should I pay for this session?

So this is a FREE session, which means it has no cost to have the photos taken. You are also entitled to 1 free photo during your stay at the Bethlehem Birthing Centre. You'll get to view the photos right away to choose your favourite and if you feel it's impossible to leave some photos behind we'll explain how the different collections work and the price of each of them. Payment is requested upon deciding the amount of photos you'd like to keep. We accept eftpos, bank transfer, Afterpay and Laybuy.


How and when do I get my photos?

As soon as we finish editing your photos within a week, we'll send them via WeTransfer to your email. So you'll get the retouched high resolution file (colour and black and white) and the right to use it in any possible way. 


When should I book a cake smash session?

The earlier the better to ensure we have a suitable date for you. Some people like to book for their birthday date to be celebrated at the Studio. Some like to have their photos ready for their birthday party, so in that case photons need to be done around 3 weeks before their birthday.

Is the cake included?

Yes, of course. We have our own cake designer who caters specifically for our needs. Our cakes are specially designed for our mini clients with less sugar and a suitable icing for baby’s digestion.  

We will surely discuss about all this in our first consultation meeting. 

How long will the session take?

These sessions usually take from 1 to 2 hours. 

What comes after the cake?

We will bring a basin with warm water for your baby to enjoy a quick bath. That will be also photographed and filmed. Babies love that time as they usually like the water. Plus this is a great opportunity for us to capture some more amazing expressions. 



When should I book a family session?

Whenever you feel that it is the right time to freeze some amazing memories in time, either you have a specific reason for that (the family growing, a son/daughter leaving, a special birthday, etc) or not. 

Is this session done in the studio or outdoors?

The Family Session can be done in the studio, but we usually take it outdoors, in a nice looking location which could be chosen by you or suggested by us. The two more popular are the beach before sunset time, when the colours of the day are more beautiful and the light is softer, and the forest, regardless the time of the day, as we'll be in the shade among the trees. 

How long this session take?

The Family Session wouldn't take longer than an hour. 


What is this all about?

For Maternity, Natural Newborn, Milestone and Family we offer a MINI session. In all cases, it is a quicker session and includes fewer photos than full sessions.

Can I upgrade if I like more photos?

Absolutely. Extra single photos will be available for purchase or you can upgrade to our full session collections.

Are these sessions done in the studio or outdoors?

The MINI Newborn is obviously done in the studio or in the comfort of your home. The MINI Maternity, Milestone and Family can be either done in studio or outdoors within the Tauranga/ Mount area.


Baby Love Images reserves the right to use any photograph in any form such as, but not limited to, the use in advertising, reproduction and copyright. 

All images are copyrighted by Baby Love Images, even those you purchase.

Prices are subject to change without notice and are non-negotiable. 

Prices are guaranteed for 30 days after your session. 

Due to the custom nature of photographic products, no refunds will be issued.

By hiring Baby Love Images, you agree to these terms.

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