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Baby Whisperer…?

It had happened a few times before, however it has become official now, I am the “Baby Whisperer”, according to my little clients’ mums.

I am not gonna say that I wonder why...

We have a fully conditioned studio to receive the newborns from Tauranga and all around the area, some even coming from Auckland as well. For that we keep the temperature between 26 and 28 degrees and the right humidity level during a session, assuring that babies won’t be cold, won’t get dehidrated and will be instead cozy and sooth.

I also give the mammas some feeding tips to get their bubs more satiated and satisfied before the session.

Also and if it is possible, a warm bath could be a good tip to follow, as the baby will arrived in our studio more relaxed.

During the time I spend with them, I get to know each baby better as the sessions unfolds. Some babies don’t like to be naked, some don’t mind and also don’t react too sensitive to the touch, some love to be wrapped instead, some are too handy and spread all over, some like the SHHH white noise, some prefer the womb noises, and for your surprise some even like the vacuum cleaner one... The examples go on and on.

By getting to know that particular baby and his personality, I make sure I respect their preferences and also his time and pace.

A secret I’m gonna share with you… I love rubbing them in the forehead, the “third eye” area, while softly swinging them from side to side. That generally works with the majority of my newborns.

And last but not least, I work always with patience, tolerance and dedication, even if the session has to take a little bit longer. I am a perfectionist and I like to say that “my best photo is the next one I’m about to take”.

Apart from all that, we are fully trained and experienced to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety at all times. We were proudly featured in the Indulge Magazine of the Bay of Plenty Times not long ago. Check what they said about us…

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