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The Naked Baby Competition 2018

So after a whole week of voting, we know now who is the winner of our Naked Baby Competition that took place in our Studio exactly two weeks ago.

All our participants were amazing. From newborns to almost a year old babies, we had in our Studio more than 20 mammas with their little ones ready to strike a pose and smile.

We filled our hearts with so much Love during those four days that is hard to express enough gratitude.

For those mammas who we met before, either at the Betlhehem Birthing Center or at our Studio, it has been great to catch up with you again and see how healthy your baby is growing. Time does not wait and we know how important is for you to portray the changes of the youngest of your family through beautiful professional images that definitely tell more than words.

As well for the other mammas, we must say it has been awesome to meet you and thanks for trusting us your little baby.

With that been said, and as you all already know, the WINNER is a very special little girl to us. You see, some while ago we decided to expand our photography services here in Tauranga and respond to our pregnant clients inquiry about portraying births. So we did it. And guess whose birth was our first?!?!

Our dearest Esmé’s, of course.

It’s amazing to see how much she has grown and how beautiful she is now after 5 months of that magical day that we will never forget.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to Esmé and mum Ida, we cannot wait to see you all again for the Outdoor Family Photo Session you have won.

And THANKS everyone that has been part of this beautiful Naked Baby Competition, for your Love and support.

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