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Behind the scenes of Alia's Newborn Session

Every time we book a Newborn Session, our studio lights up. We cannot deny that Newborn is one of the sessions that we enjoy doing the most. Also requires full dedication and responsability… details like the right room temperature and air humidity, the soothing and calming music and sounds, drinks, snacks and toys to keep the older siblings and probably parents busy and distracted while we are doing our job with the baby, and of course safety above and beyond all, are carefully taken care of.

This is a glimpse to the behind the scenes of this special session with beautiful baby girl Alia and her family that came all the way from Matamata specially to have this memories captured by us.

We also got to meet Thalia, baby’s bigger sister who was stunning in front of the camera wearing that gorgeous white dress and knew exactly how to captivate us with that sweet smile.

We hope you enjoy these behind the scenes and final photos of her session. They will give you the opportunity to learn a little bit more about our world and what we do every day in our Studio.


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