A Birth Story...

Not too long ago, we decided to give away 2 FREE Birth Experience Sessions through a Facebook live. The first 2 mammas getting in touch with us were going to win a full photo coverage during their births. We got sooo many replies that we have decided to give away an extra session, and Pagan was our super excited additional winner!

We had still a while until her due date as she was on her 36th week of pregnancy. We met her and Everly, her beautiful first daughter, when they came to the Studio to know us and to talk about the session. It was a real pleasure for us!

Afterwards, we could do nothing else but wait for the sweet moment…

Her due date arrived with no signs of her baby girl wanting to come out… so we waited longer…

We got the expected call 2 weeks after! Woohoo.. first signs of labour! We prepared our camera gear, selecting the right lenses and making sure our batteries were fully charged, to then wait for the second and definitive call after the midwife’s confirmation of active labour to get ourselves on the way to the Bethlehem Birthing Center.

That second call was not going to happen yet…

A full week passed…

Baby Aria finally decided to come to the world at 6:07am on the 19th of April weighing 9lb 1 after a total of 7 hours of labour. With the support of her beloved husband Chris and her awesome midwife Veronica Muller, Pagan did a wonderful job upon huge expectations and 3 weeks passed her due date. We all felt relieved and so happy to see baby Aria’s face. She was born with one hand out on her chin, already posing for the camera.

After about 4 hours of coverage, we left them rest a little, to get back later on that morning to take some beautiful Fresh 48h photos of the couple celebrating their new addition to the family.

Thank you Pagan and Chris for letting us be part of your baby Aria’s Birth Story!

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