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5 Reasons Father-Daughter Relationship is so Important.

Everyone knows the presence os a father in a girl's life is super important, but how would that affect her life??? That is something we sometimes don't even think about but certainly something that "new dads" should know!!! So SPREAD THE WORD to all the new awesome dads on the block!!!

"5 Reasons Father-Daughter Relationships Are Important:

1. Dad's influence their daughter's self-image.

First and foremost, dads should always tell their daughters how beautiful they are and help their daughter develop a good self-image, while also reminding them that inner-beauty is more important than outward beauty. However, it's also important that dads are careful about what they say about other women in front of their daughters. If a daughter overhears her dad talking about how a movie star needs to lose weight or isn't pretty enough, for example, she may internalize those comments and wonder if she too is overweight or not pretty enough.

2. When dads encourage their daughters to dream big they empower them for the future.

When I was growing up my dad told me that I could do anything that I set my mind to doing, and I believed him; and it empowered me to pursue my dreams. Dads can't underestimate the influence they can have on their daughter's life by encouraging them to dream big dreams for themselves. Yes, they may receive this encouragement from their mom, from teachers, and even from peers, but they most definitely need to hear it from their dads too.

3. Dads set the bar for future dates.

When it comes to dating, dads set the standard for how dates should treat their daughters. Dads can set the bar high by taking their daughters on dates when they are little girls and pre-teens. When a dad opens the doors for his daughter, engages her in good conversation, and treats her with respect, then she will naturally expect that from anyone who wants to date her.

4. A Dad who is involved in his daughter's life teaches her that she matters.

One of the most important things a father can do for his daughter is just show up. Dads are notorious for wanting to fix all their daughters' problems, but more important than fixing problems, is just being there and offering a listening ear, giving a hug, and promising to love her no matter what. Simply, showing up at big life events, whether that's ballet or a basketball game, is important too. Whatever it is, be there, and show her that she matters.

5. A daughter who has a protective father feels safe.

Daughters may roll their eyes when their dad acts overprotective, but she will appreciate knowing that you have her back no matter what. She'll know that she can call you at any hour of the day, and you'll be there when she needs you. That's just what dads do."

Source: Jenny Bradley -

And to celebrate Father-Daughter Relationships follow a few beautiful Photos of the amazing dad Marcio with his beautiful little bundle Nina. A special shoot they will treasure FOREVER!

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