November 15, 2017

Yeeeees... Today I couldn't be happier to share this post!!! It is a day to celebrate!!! We have hit the mark of 100 Babies photographed at the Bethlehem Birthing Centre since we have commenced our Fresh 48h Session Project in June 2017. How cool is that??? I confess I never really counted how many babies I have already photographed since I started my career as a Specialised Newborn Photographer (which I totally should...naughty me) but today I just, for some reason, opened my files and started counting... and for my surprise on this sunny Wednesday we have met baby number 100!!! You should see my face when I finished counting (lol).

So many cute little creatures that arrived safely in this world to make their families a lot happier... Each one of them with their beauty and unique characteristics. Some born naturally, some with the awesome help of beautiful doctors, some even too quick at home or in the car on the way to the centre (yes TRUE STORY) but they have one thing in c...

November 1, 2017

Everyone knows the presence os a father in a girl's life is super important, but how would that affect her life??? That is something we sometimes don't even think about but certainly something that "new dads" should know!!! So SPREAD THE WORD to all the new awesome dads on the block!!!

"5 Reasons Father-Daughter Relationships Are Important:

1. Dad's influence their daughter's self-image.

First and foremost, dads should always tell their daughters how beautiful they are and help their daughter develop a good self-image, while also reminding them that inner-beauty is more important than outward beauty. However, it's also important that dads are careful about what they say about other women in front of their daughters. If a daughter overhears her dad talking about how a movie star needs to lose weight or isn't pretty enough, for example, she may internalize those comments and wonder if she too is overweight or not pretty enough. 

2. When dads encourage their daughters to d...

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