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Welcome to our "Everything Baby" World!

From maternity to newborns and growing babies, we are all about capturing great memories. While a photograph may not freeze time, it does preserve a moment and captures life as it is happening. It’s the next best thing. An instant out of time, held still.
With this particular reason Baby Love Images is brought to you by a very passionate team who loves to create memorable images that will last forever.
We love photographing babies, baby bumps and families and we believe that photography is not just about taking great photographs, it’s about creating memories to treasure.

BUT WAIT! We are not just about still images... Our Newborn and Cake Smash sessions are famous for including the awesome Video Making Of. So you can watch what we "have been doing" while photographing your little one on a very fun way bringing back all the emotions you felt on the day of the session.
Thank you for stopping by!!! We would love to meet you and see you again and again...

The Photographer

 Hi everyone… I’m Marina… originally from Brazil. I left my hometown in 2003 to come to New Zealand. Tauranga's relaxed lifestyle cought my attention and I soon realized that it was the ideal place to live. 

Specialized in Newborn Photography I founded Baby Love Images together with my husband Silvério Filho who is an amazing videographer. 

I can say that I am a very passionate photographer and mother who loves interacting with people, use some creativity to craft great set ups and deliver memorable images that will last forever. I am always in the hunt to expand my knowledge in the area attending to national and international workshops and conferences to provide the best and safest experience to you and your baby. I believe that being a newborn photographer is not about just knowing about photography, but most importantly about baby's physiology ensuring the safely handling of your newborn. 

Profile Marina Galiotto.jpg

Some people call me a baby whisperer but think I'm only a cool chick who LOVES BABIES and always do my job with lots of love, care and gentle "clean" hands. (Yep, HAND SANITISER is my best friend at the studio, lol) and on a more personal note...I also do not mind when babies wee, poop or spew on me haha... it's part of my job!!! And I can still say out loud that I have the best job in this entire world. Also good to mention that my Boostrix Immunisation (whooping cough) is all up to date to ensure the safety of your baby.

Fully Vax.png

The Videographer

Fully Vax.png

"For some people, Videography is just a Job. For me, it is a way of Life".

Here is our awesome videographer Silverio Filho (my dear husband). He is the one who brings our sessions to life. His attention to detail combined with his creative skills guarantees a unique and personal attention for your little one's clip.

Adding a video clip to our Newborn and Cake Smash photo sessions is our differential. We provide a complete experience involving fantastic still images plus an exceptional video that you will keep forever and share with all your loved ones. Isn't it amazing?

Silverio also works behind the scenes helping us on the post production of your photos.

          Our Studio

For those who have never visited us, here is a chance to see where magic happens!
Our studio is climatized to attend all sorts of needs. Becoming a warm space to receive our special newborns and babies comfortably or getting a bit cooler to fresh up our summer days giving our hot mamas a nice atmosphere to get in front of the camera.
We are in a constant search to build up our studio prop selection with blankets, wraps, hats, headbands, buckets, baskets, etc... and if we don't have what a client is looking for, we'll get it!
Call us and book your free consultation appointment to learn all about our sessions.

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